GOTV Robocall Orders

Robocalls will cost $50 for the setup fee and $.04 per call and will be billed directly to the Teamster affiliate. To place an order, please email The Contact Group at Orders will be accepted until 9/23.

The Election Supervisor is allowing for Local Unions to send a robocall to their membership as part of the Get Out The Vote effort for the Teamsters Election of International Union Officers. However, these robocalls must be run through the IBT robocall vendor.  

The script, as approved by the Election Supervisor, will be as follows:  

“Hi, this is your Teamsters Local Union XXX calling to urge you to vote in the Teamsters Election of International Union Officers. All you need to do is mark your ballot and return it in the postage paid envelope. Ballots were mailed on October 4th and must be returned by November 15th. If you don’t receive your ballot by October 12th, call the Election Supervisor at 844-428-8683. For more information go to Thank you.”  

The Election Supervisor has determined that it is not appropriate for Local Union officers or staff to record the message. Therefore, IBT staff will provide a recording of the approved message to the third-party vendor, The Contact Group.