Chris Griswold


Vice President At-Large

Chris Griswold joined Local 986 as a teenager, working as an operations worker at Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) in 1974. He served as a shop steward until becoming a business agent in 1988.  He continued to rise up the ranks, serving as Local 986 Recording Secretary for Local 986 for 10 years before being elected Secretary-Treasurer in 2007.

As principal officer of Teamsters Local 986, Griswold leads one of the largest local unions in the International with more than 18,500 members extending across five western states, including Hawaii and Guam. He also serves as a Joint Council 42 trustee, Western Region Coordinator of the International’s Express Division, a Board Director of the California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus and a Trustee on the Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Fund.

On March 22, 2022, Griswold was sworn in as Vice President At-Large for the International Brotherhood of Teamster.