Juan Campos


Vice President At-Large

Juan Campos has been fighting for working people for over 30 years. In 1989, he joined Local 705 as an unloader at UPS in Chicago. He became a steward in 1999 and was elected to union leadership in 1999 as Recording Secretary of Local 705. 

In 2013, Campos was elected Secretary-Treasurer of Local 705, a position he still currently serves. As principal officer, Campos represents more than 17,000 members in Chicago who work at UPS and in the freight, cartage and construction industries. During the last UPS contract, Campos won an unprecedented pension increase for retired members at Local 705, on top of major increases for working members.

Campos is a graduate of DePaul University’s Labor Education program. He also attended the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin, National Labor College and the Teamster Leadership Academy. He currently serves on DePaul University’s Labor Education Advisory Committee. Campos believes strongly in providing education opportunities for union members and has successfully developed and implemented accessible learning programs for Chicago Teamsters at Local 705. 

On March 22, 2022, Campos was sworn in as Vice President At-Large of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and appointed Director of the Teamsters Tankhaul Division. 

As International Vice President At-Large and Teamsters Tankhaul Division Director, Campos has a vision for strengthening the union by negotiating industry-leading contracts, organizing new members and strengthening strategic alliances with other unions in the building trades.