May 2023: UPS Teamsters Digital Toolkit


As Teamsters finalize supplemental agreements and move on to national negotiations, we are entering a critical phase of this historic fight at UPS. It is more important than ever that we are mobilized on the ground and online. After boasting record profits in 2022, the company now wants to flip the script and whine about a small projected decline in revenue for 2023. We need to show the company that Teamsters and the public are not buying UPS’s narrative.

This company is an industry leader and a money-making machine because of the hardworking Teamsters who keep it running. UPS Teamsters are not backing down from our demands for our share of the profits that we created. At the same time, we need to remind UPS that we have a number of strike issues, one of which is driver-facing cameras in the package cars.

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After raking in more than $100 BILLION in profit on the backs of hardworking Teamsters in 2022, UPS has the nerve to say it can’t afford to give us the strong contract we deserve. The company wants to take credit for its success when it talks to investors while downplaying that success when bargaining with the very workers who made that success possible. Cost-neutral negotiations are a deal-breaker. We know how much money UPS has made and we know who generated those profits.

Instead of investing in better conditions for its Teamster workforce, UPS would rather invest in technology to spy on workers and ramp up harassment. Between GPS tracking, diads, and telematics, UPS has more than enough invasive access into every second we are working. Teamsters won’t move a single package after July 31 if UPS insists on driver-facing cameras in the new contract.

We are united in the fight for:

✔️ Pay increases for all full- and part-time UPS Teamsters

✔️ More sick time and vacation days

✔️ Pension increases and additional benefits

❌ NO MORE harassment and unfair discipline

❌ NO MORE surveillance and NO DAMN CAMERAS!

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Facts first: in 2022, UPS recorded its highest revenue to-date — more than $100 billion. In 2023, projections are already in for a repeat, edging closer to rake in another $97 billion.

The current UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement went into effect in 2018. From 2014-2018, UPS recorded profits of $38.7 billion. Under the active agreement, UPS has tallied additional profits of $56.3 billion from 2019-2023.

Throughout the pandemic, as the country binge-watched TV and began to order most of its purchases and essential items online, UPS revenue and profits exploded for one simple and undeniable reason — a reliable workforce. Dedicated, hardworking UPS Teamsters sacrificed their own well-being and the health of their families to help see the nation through a disaster and ensure UPS came out the other end more successful than ever.

With their contract set to expire July 31, 2023, more than 340,000 UPS Teamsters want to know — where’s ours?

Teamsters are in it to win it. Better wages to make life livable and prosperous, the benefits our families need, and a retirement that will be there. Hundreds of thousands of UPS Teamsters are demanding what we’ve worked for, and we are united to bring it home.

UPS Teamsters aren’t backing down. And we won’t compromise on what we’ve earned. Let’s hope UPS gets the message — today, tomorrow, and no later than July 31.

The Teamsters’ negotiating committees have secured major gains across all supplemental contracts and riders nationwide.

Of the 30 open supplemental agreements, UPS Teamsters have won tentative agreements on key issues, including overtime improvements for part-time members, reform to the grievance process and a faster grievance procedure, protections for seniority rights and the ability to bid for preferred jobs, and a complete shutdown of UPS’s proposal to try to force Teamsters to work any five days in any seven-day period. NO CONCESSIONS!

In the face of UPS or any other corporate bully in America, more than 1.2 million Teamsters are driving home a clear message. The momentum of working people to take back what they’ve rightfully earned cannot be stopped. Against the pressures of rising costs of living, the consolidation of corporate greed, and a pandemic, hardworking Teamsters and their families have sacrificed their labor and are coming to collect. It’s time to #PayUp.

Never question the resolve of a Teamster. Working people have earned the rewards that corporate executives want to claim for themselves. At UPS, hundreds of thousands of Teamsters are fighting for what’s fair — and resolved to get it.