New York Warehouse Worker Protection Act

New York’s Warehouse Worker Protection Act requires warehouses to provide you with a written description of your quota and protects you from unreasonable quotas that interfere with your breaks. Is your warehouse violating the Warehouse Worker Protection Act? Let us know so we can support you!

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Your Rights

The Warehouse Worker Protection Act requires distribution centers to disclose work speed data to current and former employees to inform them about their job performance and rights in the workplace. The written description of the quota must include the number of tasks to be performed, materials produced or handled, the applicable time-period in which the tasks must be performed, and any discipline that could result from failure to meet the quota.

The Warehouse Worker Protection Act applies to all warehouses in New York with at least 100 employees. It also applies to all warehouse companies with at least 1,000 employees across their New York warehouses.

Right to your quota:

Protection from discipline:

My company says they don’t have quotas or rate, but I’m still getting disciplined for not working fast enough or for time-off-task

The Warehouse Worker Protection Act has a very broad definition of a quota. Under the law, “a quota is a work standard that requires an employee to perform at a specified productivity speed, complete a quantified number of tasks, handle or produce a quantified amount of material within a defined time-period, or meet a similar type of performance standard for which an employee may be disciplined if they fail to complete it. A quota also exists where an employee’s actions are categorized between time performing tasks and not performing tasks, and the failure to complete a task performance standard or recommendation may have an adverse impact on the employee’s employment or other conditions of employment.”

If your warehouse has work standards that meet this definition, then your employer has to respect your rights under the Warehouse Worker Protection Act.