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Workers at Covidian Logistics Choose Teamsters

New Members Gain Strong Voice in Workplace

Workers at pharmaceutical supplier Covidian Logistics in Ontario, Calif. overwhelmingly voted to join Teamsters Local 166. The 110 warehouse workers approached the union seeking a strong partner to help address issues on the job.

A highly motivated group, the workers quickly formed an organizing committee, gathered cards and even had picked their stewards before voting.

“We were tired of management changing rules every day without warning,” said Michael Mendez, a two-year order puller at Covidian. “We wanted consistent rules on the job and wanted to work in a place where we were respected and free from threats.”

Reuben Luna, a business agent and organizer for Local 166 was impressed by how coordinated and committed the group was.

“This unit was great to work with,” Luna said. “This was a real team effort. They were acting like a union even before they voted. Within a week of contacting us, they had gathered the cards and we had a vote scheduled within a month.”

“Now with the Teamsters in our corner, management is approaching us differently,” Mendez said. “They realize that we are serious and we aren’t willing to stand by while they play their game with us. Now they will have to show us the respect we deserve.”

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