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Teamsters Support Commerce Department Review of China's Non-Market Economy

Government Suppression of Labor Rights Precludes Market Economy Status
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(WASHINGTON) –The Teamsters Union supports a full review of China’s trade non-market economy by the Department of Commerce and reviewing the country’s suitability to be classified as a market economy by the World Trade Organization.

China’s extensive government involvement in its economy has created an imbalance that places American workers at a significant disadvantage when trying to compete globally and should disqualify them from receiving a market economy status (MES).

“Among the factual tests the Department of Commerce will apply to determine if China deserves to be recognized as a market economy is whether the wages paid to its workers reflects free bargaining,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “It is no secret that many Chinese companies are owned or heavily influenced by the state, which creates an environment where collective bargaining for wages and working conditions does not exist.  When China fully satisfies the requirements outlined for market economy status, including respect for worker and union rights, then and only then, should they be recognized as such within the WTO.”

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