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Denver City Council Office Employees Join Teamsters

Workplace Protections Central to Organizing Effort
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Ed Bagwell/LU 17

Phone: (303) 433-6496

(DENVER) – The office staff of District Council 10 member Chris Hinds (D), has officially joined Teamsters Local 17. They are the first staff members from an office at Denver City Hall to join the union.

“We want to have salary protections and an above-standard sexual harassment policy,” said Galia Halpern of the District 10 office. “I’m from the northeastern U.S. where there are more unions. When I started working here I reached out to the Teamsters because they are a strong union.”

Teresa St. Peter, whose parents were both International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers members, said she understands a union’s value in making the lives of workers better. “It’s a great foundation to lay,” the 16-year city council staff said, noting a union’s role in protecting paid time off, wages and benefits. “It is important not to erode those foundations.”

Councilman Hinds himself joined Local 17 ahead of his election to the Denver City Council this spring, and was one of four Teamsters sworn into office last month. 

 “The ability to collectively bargain a workplace contract with a grievance procedure, wage and benefit protections will only work to strengthen the dedicated employees here at city hall,” said Ed Bagwell, President of Local 17. “We support the right of all city, country and state employees of Colorado to have collective bargaining rights and these newly-represented city hall workers are the first step towards that goal.”


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