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Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 22-29

SoCal, Georgia Port Truck Drivers Take Stand Against Wage Theft; Teamsters Hail Fed Ruling Calling Out Misclassification; People Have the Power to Push for Unions, Lawmakers say; IBT Sponsors Airgas Shareholder Proposal; Local 340 Brings in Food, Cash for Maine Charities; Organizing News; This Week in Teamster Music; It’s Time for Congress to Move on CEO Pay Reform

Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 15-21


Teamsters Voice Opposition to U.S.’s Malaysia Human Rights Upgrade; McKesson Shareholders to vote on Executive Pay Proposal; Local 357 Files Suit Against Republic Airways; Contract News; Organizing News; This Week in Teamster Music; ALEC Continues Push to Crush Democracy


State Department Shouldn’t Gloss Over Human Rights to Pass TPP; IBT Challenges McKesson’s Executive Pay in Upcoming Vote;  Unlawful Scheduling Alterations at Republic Lead to Lawsuit; Local 340 Members Call for New Contract With Biddeford, Maine; Local 294 Pickets Cranesville Ready Mix; Card Check Does the Trick for Local 170 at Dauphinais Concrete;  Eco Flow Port Truck Drives Vote to Join Local 848; Star Wars Music to go Union; Preemption Laws are an Injustice to Workers

Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 8-14


High Court Case Could Hurt Public Sector Unions; Better Job Numbers Don’t Tell Full Story of Economy; Local 215 Takes on Union Busting Efforts of School District; Summer Jobs Shrink for Teens; Organizing News; A Blueprint for Getting America Back on Track


Lawsuit Attempts to Upend Public Sector Workers; Stagnant Wages are a Sign That Recovery is Still Not Here; Indiana School District Tries to Disarm Teamsters; Disadvantaged Teens are Most Likely not to Have Summer Jobs; Mass. Danafilms Workers Join Local 170; Business Needs to Buy in to Turn Economy Around

Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 1-7


Termination of Sysco-US Foods Deal a Win for Workers; Obama Pushes for Higher Overtime Pay Threshold; Teamsters Urge Congress to Take Stand for Highway Safety; Calling out Toyota for Using Non-Union Companies; N.Y. Panel Calls for Higher Minimum Wage; Contract News; This Week in Teamster Music; Housing Costs are too Damn High!


Labor Relations Could Improve now that Sysco Merger is Done; White House Proposal Would Make 5M More Workers Eligible for OT; Dangerous Provisions Threaten Safety of Driving Public; Despite Record Profits, Toyota uses Non-Union Workers; $15 Wage is Possible for NY Fast-Food Workers, Panel says; Rosanne Cash Talks Union and Music; Buying, Renting Both Expensive for Workers

Listen to Teamster Nation News for June 24-30

Senate Sides With Corporations On Fast Track; Teamsters Issue Support For New Pension Bill; Allegiant Travel Shareholders Back IBT Proposal; Fed Ex Unit To Pay $228M To Calif. Drivers; Contract News; Organizing News; This Week In Teamster Music; Misclassification Is A Significant Problem For Workers

Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 17-23

Fast Track Supporters Use Procedural Hurdles To Schedule Another Vote; United Maintenance Workers Warn Investors Of Problems; Wash. Corrections Workers Demand New State Budget Agreement, Organizing News, This Week In Teamster Music; Safety Of Motorists Could Be Jeopardized By Transportation Bill

Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 10-16

Fast Track Vote is Looming In House; SoCal Port Truck Drivers Seek Company Recognition; BLET’s Pierce Talks About Rail Safety At House Hearing; Carhaul Contract Negotiations Begin; Contract News; Organizing News; Remembering Walter Shea; This Week In Teamster Music; Making College Affordable Is Key To America’s Future

Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 3-9


Teamsters, Fair Trade Allies Demand USTR Release TPP Text; Raising Awareness About Sysco In Michigan; IBT Wants Allegiant Travel Shareholders To Support Executive Pay Proposal; Funeral Directors Call Out SCI Business Practices; Local 120 Questions Amazon’s Motives In Minnesota; BLET Leader Talks About Two-Man Crew; Organizing News; This Week In Teamster Music; Banks Need To Be Shown Who’s Boss


Fast Track Opponents March To USTR Office, Demand Entrance; Teamsters Let Mich. Restaurants Know About Sysco’s Transgressions; Allegiant Travel’s Executive Windfalls Need To Be Limited, IBT Says Funeral Giant SCI Is Failing Communities It Serves; Amazon  Won’t Pay A Fair Wage To Workers At Minn. Facility, Local 120 Says; BLET’s Pierce Raises Warning About Freight Safety; SF Residential Counselors Join Local 856; Kansas Red Cross Workers Align With Local 795; Steve Earle Sings For Port Truck Drivers; and It’s Time To Get The Financial Industry Under Control


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