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Teamsters Triple Threat in Iowa

Three Teamsters are seeking state office in Iowa – a direct response to the legislature’s decision to curtail the collective bargaining power of unions in the state.

 "The Republicans have acted like unsupervised spoiled children and have trashed the State House and broken the government,” said Jesse Case, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 238. “We need adults like Christian, Reenie and Jeff in the House to fix the damage. Their opponents need to be grounded.”

Taking on RTW in Illinois

Angie Bodine, a member of Local 777 in Illinois, is running for State Representative in Illinois’ 69th district. She believes that the incumbent, Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R), has let the community down and avoids tough votes.

 “My opponent is actively attacking working families in our state. He is a proponent of right-to-work legislation in Illinois, one of the chief sponsors of the school voucher program and wants to cut pensions for teachers and employees,” Bodine said.

NV Teamster Taking on Anti-Union Forces

A Local 986 shop steward won a seven-way Democratic primary race for a state House seat in Nevada. Susan Martinez, a 30-year employee at the Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas strip, won 46 percent of the vote in beating back her opposition.

 Martinez said she understands the needs of her district, which she has lived in for more than two decades. Her top priorities include improving the educational system and repealing the state’s right to work law.

Arroyo Seeks Reelection in Cook County

Luis Arroyo Jr. is a lifelong public servant, community activist, Teamster and resident of Chicago who is running for reelection as a Cook County (Chicago) Board Commissioner (8th District). Arroyo worked for the City of Chicago in the Department of Waste Management and was a 20-year member of Local 700.

KY Teamster Makes Final Election Push

One of the first votes Chad McCoy, a Republican state legislator representing Kentucky’s 50th district, made after taking office in 2017 was for so-called Right-to-Work. James DeWeese, a business agent at Teamsters Local 89 in Louisville, isn’t going to let McCoy get away with it.

Iowa Public Sector Teamsters Stick With the Union

Iowa public sector Teamsters, forced to recertify their memberships each year under anti-union legislation enacted in 2017, have again overwhelmingly voted to stand with their union.

Local 238 reported this week that it won 55 of 62 recertification elections it held. In all, 96.7 percent of the 1213 bargaining unit members who voted choose to stick with the Teamsters. In the units were recertification was defeated, the union only lost 29 members.


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