Aircraft cleaners are responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of aircraft. This includes aircraft structural parts during heavy maintenance checks.
Airlines include: Frontier, NetJets

Clerical and Related

Assists managers and supervisors by performing administrative activities and functions associated with scheduling, payroll, accounts payable, report preparation and wellness administration.
Airlines include: Air India

Customer Service & Ramp

Teamster Customer Service and Ramp agents are responsible for greeting passengers, issuing tickets, providing seat assignments, checking baggage, boarding flights, re-booking passengers, all in a prompt and friendly manner as well as loading and unloading customer luggage, airfreight and company mail on and off aircraft.
Airlines include: Air Canada, Aloha Air Cargo, American Airlines, TAP Portugal


Teamster Dispatcher’s are responsible to ensure that all flights are conducted safely and efficiently and in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs). The Dispatcher, along with the Pilot in Command, are responsible for Operational Control of each of their flights.
Airlines include: Allegiant Air, ARINC, Atlas, Piedmont, NetJets

Flight Attendants

Teamster Flight attendants are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights.
Airlines include: NetJets, Republic, Sun Country, Trans States

Flight Kitchen and Commissary

Teamster Flight Kitchen and Commissary workers are responsible for assembling food items and re-stocking them on upright carts on each flight that comes in and out of the airport.
Airlines include: Hacor

Flt Stimulators Techs

Teamster Flight Simulator Techs perform checks on equipment and instruments associated with the flight simulator.
Airlines include: South West Airlines, United Airlines, UPS


The Fueler operates the fueling equipment used for refueling an aircraft between flights.
Airlines Include: ASIG, PLH Aviation Services

Mechanics and Related

Teamster aircraft mechanics and related employees include licensed AMTs, inspectors, and facility maintenance professionals. With their passion for high standards and safety in our skies, Teamster airline mechanics perform rigorous maintenance and inspection on a variety of commercial and cargo aircraft, in addition to routine facility work to support overall maintenance operations.
Airlines include: Allegiant Air, ASIG, ASIG-Guam, ASIG Honolulu, Frontier, NetJets, Piedmont, United Airlines, UPS


Pilots are responsible for directly flying the aircraft. Flying passengers or cargo, Teamster Pilots are highly trained and are involved in the aircraft’s flight systems.
Airlines Include: ABX Air, Allegiant Air, Atlas Air, Cape Air, GoJet, Horizon Air, Miami Air, Northern Air Cargo, Omni International, Republic, Silver Airways,

Stock Clerks

Teamster stock clerks store, track and move all inventory of aircraft parts, tools and other equipment needed for facility and aircraft maintenance work.
Airlines Include: Frontier, NetJets, Piedmont, Southwest Airlines