Public Services Division Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are public sector Teamsters?

The Teamsters represent over 200,000 public sector workers across North America. Teamster members are city and county workers, employees in K-12 schools and universities, road workers, and public safety workers. The Teamsters represent almost every type of job in the public sector. The work of Teamster public sector members makes America work, and Teamster members serve the public with pride every day.

  1. Why do public sector workers need a union?

Public sector workers are critical for communities. We protect our communities, maintain critical infrastructure like water and roads, and help educate our children. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and get a fair return for their work. Public sector unions give us a voice in how we are treated at work, and allow us to bargain with our employer to ensure that we are treated fairly. Without a union, management makes all the rules. With a union, there is a contract that guarantees our rights; job protection against layoffs and unjust discipline; a grievance process and union representation to protect our rights. Union members elect their leaders and vote on the terms of their employment.

When public sector workers don’t have a voice on the job, their services are at the mercy of politicians and unelected managers. When public sector workers form a union, they have a powerful voice to defend these public services from those that would seek to cut them. Thus, public sector unions, including the Teamsters, play a critical role in standing up for communities.

  1. Why should public sector workers choose Teamsters?

With 1.4 million members across North America, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the largest and most diverse union in America. Standing together with our fellow members in a variety of industries, we have the power to negotiate fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. When you fight for a voice on the job, you can be assured that you have the backing of workers across the country. And with 1,900 affiliates, we have local Teamster representatives, selected by Teamster members, in every corner of America ready to fight for you. When Teamsters fight, Teamsters win!

  1. What have unions done for us?

Standing together, union members have achieved victories for all working people like paid sick leave, workplace safety, the 40-hour work week and more. These achievements are under attack from corporate special interests and antiworker organizations, and union members are leading the fight to preserve and expand what we have earned. Unions have lifted millions of working people into the middle class, and with your help, even more people will get to experience the American dream.

  1. What is the Teamster Public Services Division?

The Teamsters Public Services Division focuses on organizing and representing public sector members across the country. Within the Public Services Division, Teamster members representatives, and staff come together to strengthen Teamster power within public services through exchanging information, coordinating resources and focusing our energies for the betterment of our Teamster Public Services members. 

  1. How do I get in contact with the Public Services Division?

The Public Services Division is more than happy to get in touch with members and help them connect with resources within their local and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We are also happy to talk to workers who wish to be represented by the Teamsters. We can be reached by phone at (202) 624-8149, and by e-mail at