Sample Member Letter

(Affiliate Letterhead with NO Executive Board Officers or Positions Listed)




City, State Zip Code

Dear Local XXX Member:

On October 4, ballots for the Election of International Union Officers will be mailed to your home and we, the members of this great union, will have the opportunity to vote for International General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, At-Large and Regional Vice Presidents and Trustees. Please take the time to educate yourself about the candidates and to VOTE in this important election. Each member of our union has an equal voice and EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Voting in the International officer election tells anti-labor politicians and employers that our membership is active and involved in our union. Voter participation in this election makes our union stronger.

The only thing voting will cost you is the time it takes to learn about the issues and the ink it takes to mark the ballot. Not voting will cost so much more. When we don’t vote, we send a message to employers, politicians and the public that Teamster members don’t value democracy. Let’s show our strength. Vote in the Election of International Union Officers – It’s Your Right and Your Responsibility.

If you don’t receive your ballot by October 12, please call (844) 428-8683 for a replacement ballot. Go to for more information.