School Bus and Transit Organizing

WHEREAS, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the “Driving Up Standards” campaign; and

WHEREAS, in that time the Teamsters have organized more than 46,000 school bus and transit workers; and

WHEREAS, the IBT worked with its labor allies in the United Kingdom to win a neutrality agreement from First Group that has enabled the union to organize 35,000 workers at that company, making it the third largest Teamster employer; and

WHEREAS, the Teamsters won an historic national master contract for workers at First Student that has transformed the lives of thousands and brought them into the middle class; and

WHEREAS, there are still approximately 17,000 unorganized workers at First Student – more than half of its employees; and

WHEREAS, there are thousands more unorganized workers at National   Express’ U.S. subsidiary Durham School Services, at Student Transportation Inc., MV Transportation and other, smaller regional and local school bus and transit companies; and

WHEREAS, the Teamsters are committed to work with labor allies throughout the world to hold Durham and its parent company National Express accountable in every country they operate.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED at this 29th International Convention that the Teamsters Union is committed to the workers in this industry and is determined to continue this campaign into the long term in order to organize a majority of the workers in the industry; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Teamsters will continue to work in a strong partnership with Unite! the Union in the United Kingdom and other global allies to ramp up our aggressive program in North America in order to win organizing rights and labor peace from National Express; and

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that local unions will work with the IBT to organize the unorganized yards at First Student in order to grow the Teamsters’ membership into the majority at that company.