XPO Workers in the United States, Across the Globe Stand Up to XPO’s Illegal Abuses


Today, Thursday, May 30, workers at a XPO Logistics, Inc. warehouse in North Haven, Connecticut went on strike over the company’s unfair labor practices. They are fighting to end the illegal abuses and manipulation from XPO!

While the workers formed a picket line outside the warehouse before sunrise on May 30, other XPO truck drivers, warehouse workers and intermodal drivers across the country have begun a global day of protests and informational leaflets at hundreds of company facilities. The coordinated actions are showing that workers are united in standing up for fair pay, benefits and better working conditions. In the UK, France, Spain and Belgium, European XPO workers and international union leaders have been protesting at company offices and warehouses throughout the day to sound the alarm on XPO’s record of violating workers’ rights across the globe.

XPO recently held a shareholder meeting and paid CEO Bradley Jacobs $13 million. But Teamsters and workers around the world are now sending a message to Jacobs that workers are united in demanding respect!

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