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Corona, Calif. US Foods Teamsters Launch Unfair Labor Practice Strike

(CORONA, Calif.) – Yesterday, Teamsters who drive for US Foods in Corona began an unfair labor practice strike to protest allegations that the foodservice giant violated federal law that protects workers’ rights. Almost immediately, Corona workers extended their picket line to 10 other US Foods distribution centers and resident yards in Southern California and Phoenix, Ariz., where 750 Teamsters have ceased work to honor the picket lines. The picket line extensions are still up today.

US Foods Provokes Md. Teamsters to Launch Unfair Labor Practices Strike

(BALTIMORE) – Nearly 200 Maryland Teamsters working for US Foods began an unfair labor practice strike today at the company’s Severn, Md. distribution center. Warehouse workers and drivers filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that US Foods has been bargaining in bad faith about its decision to close the Severn facility in June.


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