Teamster Candidates for Office

WHEREAS, Teamsters are leaders in the workplace, in the labor movement and  in their communities; and

WHEREAS, the issues that matter most to Teamster members and their families do not receive the attention they deserve by elected officials in many communities throughout the country; and

WHEREAS, there can be no stronger advocates for the issues that affect our  Union and its members than Teamster members themselves; and

WHEREAS, attacks on unions and collective bargaining rights are still taking place at every level of government and every part of the country; and

WHEREAS, Teamster members have never been afraid of a challenge.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED at this 29th International Convention that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is committed to identifying and supporting Teamster members to run for, and win, elected office at the federal,  state and local level; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Teamster Joint Councils and Local Unions will educate their members on the importance of running for office and actively recruit Teamster members to become candidates; and

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that the Teamsters Union will support Teamster candidates by assisting their campaigns in accordance with the relevant campaign laws for the jurisdiction and encourage other Teamster members to get out and  vote for their Teamster Brothers and Sisters who have the courage to seek elected office.