With national negotiations kicking off on April 17, the time is NOW to take part in this historic movement for the strongest Teamster contract ever at UPS. Eight months of strategic preparation, relentless organizing, member engagement, and escalating actions have led to this moment. It’s game time and we need all UPS locals, stewards, and rank-and-file members off the bench and on the field — standing united and ready to beat UPS at the bargaining table. The entire labor movement is behind us and all of our corporate opponents at every Teamster employer are watching this battle. UPS Teamsters are reasserting the force of trade unionism on a scale that can shift the economic balance of power for working people nationwide.

The International is calling on all UPS Teamster locals to ramp up member mobilizations in April to send a clear message to UPS negotiators and to give our National Negotiating Committee the show of force it needs to take on the company. Locals are encouraged to take action by organizing rallies at union halls, public venues, and UPS parking lots.

We have provided resources below for your local to put together actions, and the International will be reaching out to locals to assist in any way we can. The materials in this toolkit can also be used for smaller leafletting actions at UPS barns. We urge locals to use these actions to continue getting Contract Unity Pledge cards signed and continue sending signed cards back to the International.

In this toolkit:

Promotional Flier

Build turnout for your rally with this flier. Open the PDF in Acrobat and enter the date, time, location, and any other information (e.g. speakers) for your rally in the space provided. (The lines in the editable field area can be deleted; the font is set to Arial Bold, 14 pt.)

Rally Day Flier

For distribution at rallies and leafletting at gate actions

Promotional Social Media Graphic

Sample Social Media Text for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Fill in your local rally info before posting.

ATTENTION Local [Number] UPS Members: Join the RALLY for a strong contract on [date] at [time] at [location & address]!

National negotiations kick off on April 17. Our National Negotiating Committee – led by General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary Treasurer Fred Zuckerman – is putting UPS on notice. NO MORE CONCESSIONS. NO MORE HARASSMENT. NO MORE FORCED OVERTIME. NO MORE SUBCONTRACTING. NO MORE 22.4.

UPS Teamsters are ready to take action for higher wages, substantial pay increases for part-timers, protection from the heat, and more full-time jobs. And the entire labor movement is behind us! We are sending our National Negotiating Committee into negotiations with a powerful message to the company – a message of unstoppable unity.

It’s game time and we need all our Local [Number] brothers and sisters off the bench and on the field — standing united and ready to beat UPS at the bargaining table.

Click below to download graphic

Rally Signs

Note: Rally signs are being shipped to UPS locals. We have provided print-ready rally sign files here in case you need to print more of your own.

18″ x 12″

These files can be sent to any local printer. If you need help finding a local printer, click here to use the Graphic Communications Conference “Find a Union Printer” tool.

The following guidelines for printing should be shared with the printer you use:
• Sign size: 18″ x 12″
• Each sign – three in total – is double-sided
• The signs are full color, full bleed

Rally Planning Checklist

Assistance with Media Outreach

If your local would like assistance with preparing a press advisory for your rally, please contact the Strategic Initiatives Department at 202-624-6911.

The International strongly encourages any locals that receive media inquiries about the contract campaign or negotiations to please reach out the Strategic Initiatives Department at 202-624-6911 in order to coordinate with consistent messaging. Thanks you!

Note: Contract Action Team Trainings

The International Union is launching a national training program to prepare rank-and-file members to win the strongest contract in UPS history. Participants will hear from organizers and trainers about
the bargaining process, strategies for mobilizing coworkers, workplace mapping, and building Contract Actions Teams. Trainings are taking place in dozens of locations across the country.

CLICK HERE to find downloadable fliers for the trainings (this page will be updated as more trainings are confirmed and fliers become available). If there is a nearby training taking place after your rally, please plan on distributing fliers for that training at your rally.

Note: Contract Unity Pledge Cards

We urge locals to continue getting cards signed and return signed cards every two weeks to the Package Division throughout the duration of the pledge campaign. Contact the Package Division if you need more cards.

Share Photos & Videos from Your UPS Actions

Show UPS that the Teamsters are building a powerful, coordinated movement to win a strong contract. Follow the instructions below for submitting photos and videos from your local union’s actions. The Teamsters will feature content from actions happening in every region of the country across the International’s social media platforms.

To submit image or video files from your phone:

  1. CLICK HERE to upload files and indicate your local union and location of the action. OR…
  2. Open the UPS Teamsters app and click on “Share Action Photos/Videos.” in the sidebar menu. Upload your files and indicate your local union. OR…
  3. Email your files to Remember to include your local union, as well as the UPS center/location where the action took place.