UPS Teamsters Practice Picketing Toolkit

The most powerful tool we have as Teamsters to win a historic contract at UPS is a credible strike threat. All locals representing UPS members should be participating in or organizing practice pickets at UPS facilities now. Practice picket signs and rally signs have been shipped to all UPS locals, alongside tubes for mounting picket signs.

Use the resources in this toolkit to execute practice picketing actions.

In this toolkit:

Picket Signs & Rally Signs

Signs have been shipped to all UPS locals. Print-ready sign files are available here in case you need to print more of your own locally.

12″ x 18″ Rally Sign

18″ x 24″ Picket Sign

Files can be sent to any local printer. If you need help locating an area printer, click here to use the “Find a Union Printer” tool.

The following guidelines for printing should be shared with your printer:

UPS Teamsters Guide to Practice Picketing


Local unions and picket captains should refer to the following recommended steps for organizing your practice picketing actions:

  1. Identify public property at and around the worksite with high visibility to passersby (if possible).
  2. Post notices and communicate with your workplace leaders (i.e., stewards). Include time, location, organizer info, etc.
  3. Make sure to communicate with your members about time/place and expectations.
  4. Invite a keynote speaker to lead the action (i.e., principal officer, chief steward, other local union officer, etc.).
  5. Invite community-based collaborative groups (i.e. teachers, labor centers, etc.) to participate in the action.
  6. Use rally signs as window signs for posting in favorite bars or restaurants, as a show of solidarity.
  7. Host a sign-making party near one of the entrances to the company. This is an opportunity for a high visibility action in addition to the primary action.
  8. Have supplies ready to quickly make and assemble the signs (need a captain on site to make sure content is in alignment with International).
  9. Have everyone sign in and retain sign-in sheets.

Click here to download the full guide with practice picketing FAQs and Do’s and Don’ts.

Recommended On-Site Supplies Checklist

Share Practice Picketing Photos & Videos

Follow the instructions below for submitting photos and videos from your local union’s practice picket lines. We will feature content from local union actions on the International’s social media platforms and on the UPS Teamsters app.

To submit image or video files from your phone:

  1. CLICK HERE to upload files and indicate your local union and location of the practice picket. OR…
  2. Open the UPS Teamsters app, click on the ≡ menu icon on the top left of the screen, and select “Share Action Photos/Videos.” Upload your files and indicate your local union. OR…
  3. Email your files to Remember to include your local union, as well as the UPS center/location where the practice picketing took place.