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Colorado Voter Registration Instructions

Colorado’s voter registration laws are extensive, please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

State Organizational Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

The SOS must be notified about voter registration drives by first filing a statement of intent (SOI) which designates the drive organizer and an agent. The agent must be a Colorado resident. Once a SOI is submitted and approved, it is valid for all drives conducted by that organization or organizer through the end of the calendar year. If an organization intends to conduct drives in counties not listed on the original SOI, it must notify the SOS three business days before starting.

 Individual Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Colorado requires that the drive organizer complete mandatory training (and an accompanying test) provided by the Secretary of State (SOS) before conducting any voter drives. Sign-up is available online at the SOS website at The organizer must train all others who will assist with registration and must keep a signed attestation from each worker that they are aware of penalties for mishandling application on file.

Voter Registration Form Requirements:

Colorado requires use of a specific voter registration application form for voter registration drives. These forms must be obtained as originals directly from the SOS or the office of the county clerk where the drives are to take place. Colorado voter registration applications to be used in voter registration drives cannot be photocopied.

Voter Registration Drive Collection and Completion Requirements:

All registration applications collected as part of a voter registration drive (whether the federal form or the state form is used) must be delivered or postmarked no later than 15 business days after the application is signed or by the registration deadline, whichever is earlier. State voter registration applications must be delivered/mailed to the county clerk and recorder of the county where the voter resides. Federal voter registration applications can be delivered/mailed to the SOS, but the SOS recommends delivering or mailing them directly to the appropriate county office for faster processing.

Turn In Deadline:

Within 15 days of receiving a completed form or 22 days before Election Day, which is October 13thin 2014.

2014 Voter Registration Deadline:

October 13th for all registrations by mail or via a voter registration drive, October 27th if done online, and on Election Day, November 4th in person.

Additional Notes:

Colorado residents can register to vote online at

A voter registration drive training video can be seen at

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