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Florida Voter Registration Instructions

Florida’s voter registration laws are extensive, please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

State Organizational Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Pre-Registration Filings: Prior to engaging in voter registration activities, third-party voter registration organizations must submit form DS-DE119 electronically to the Division of Elections at [email protected] or by fax at 850-245-6291. Required Information: Name a registered agent in the state and submit the agent’s name, along with the name and address of the officers and employees of the organization who collect voter registration applications from Florida voter registration applicants. The form is available online at Organization ID: Third-party voter registration organizations may not begin registering voters until the DOE approves the application and assigns an ID number to the organization.

Individual Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

No individual requirements.

Voter Registration Form Requirements:

Individuals and organizations can freely copy and distribute the state form located at

Voter Registration Drive Collection and Completion Requirements:

The state registration application must be filled-out in black ink. Organizations must submit completed registration applications to the division or the supervisor within 10 days of receiving them. Failure to comply with this deadline subjects organizations to civil penalties. The date that an applicant signs an application is presumed to be the date on which the organization received it.

As long as a registration application bears a clear postmark by the registration deadline it will be accepted. If the application bears a postmark but the postmark cannot be read, it must be received within 5 days of the registration deadline.

Turn In Deadline:

Within 10 days of receiving a completed form or 29 days before Election Day, which is October 6th, 2014.

2014 Voter Registration Deadline:

October 6th, 2014.

Additional Notes:

Florida has enacted numerous penalties involving third party voter registration organizations recently changed due to a court case. It is important to ensure that you have the most up to date information if you plan to conduct voter registration activities. Please contact the Florida Division of Elections office or your local Supervisor of Elections to ensure you have a complete understanding of regulations.