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New Mexico Voter Registration Instructions

New Mexico’s voter registration laws are extensive, please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

State Organizational Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Civic organizations, employees, or volunteers conducting voter registration drives must register with the New Mexico Secretary of State (SOS) and submit a Voter Registration Agent Identification Form, which includes all of the following:

The names of officers of the organization and the name and permanent address of the organization;

The names, permanent addresses, temporary addresses, if any, social security number, and dates of birth of each person registering persons to vote in New Mexico on behalf of the organization;

A sworn statement from each registration agent employed by or volunteering for the organization stating that the agent will obey all state laws and rules regarding the registration of voters on a form that gives notice of the criminal penalties for false registration.

This information must be turned in before any registration work is done by an agent. The prescribed form may be hand-delivered, hand-delivered by another person, or delivered by mail or fax to the SOS or the county clerk.

Individual Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Civic organizations, employees, or volunteers conducting voter registration drives must complete New Mexico’s Third-Party Voter Registration Agent training course. Training is conducted by the county clerks and must also be available on the secretary of state’s website.

Voter Registration Form Requirements:

Voter registration organizations may request certificate of registration forms from the SOS or any county clerk in person. Registrations forms are only provided in quantities of twenty per agent, although the SOS and the county clerks may provide more at their discretion. Forms must be picked up in person and if picking up forms on behalf of another agent, the absent agent’s completed log regarding prior forms must be submitted.  State forms include a receipt which must be given to voters upon their completion of the form.

Blank state forms may not be copied and must be originals obtained from election officials.

Voter Registration Drive Collection and Completion Requirements:

Voter registration organizations must deliver completed certificates of registration or completed applications for absentee ballots to the SOS or county clerk within 48 hours of completion by the applicant. If the appropriate office is closed during that period, they must deliver it on the next business day.

Turn In Deadline:

48 hours upon receiving a completed form, or by 5:00 PM 28 day before Election Day, which is days before Election Day, which is October 7thin 2014.

2013 and 2014 Voter Registration Deadline:

October 28th in 2014.