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Virginia Voter Registration Instructions

Virginia’s voter registration laws are extensive, please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

State Organizational Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Virginia requires registration groups to register if they request 25 or more voter registration forms and the completion of an affidavit.

Individual Voter Registration Drive Requirements:

Virginia law requires that civic organizations, employees or volunteers conducting voter registrations drives register and participate in training if they request 25 or more voter registration forms from the State Board of Elections (SBE) or their local Registrar. Contact your local election office to receive information on trainings. Online training is available at

Voter Registration Form Requirements:

The state mail-in voter registration application can be downloaded at The SBE recommends voter registration drives use the state form to provide for faster processing of applications. The SBE is required to make available to any individual or group a reasonable number of mail voter registration applications. Currently the SBE caps the number of applications at 200. Virginia law does not expressly forbid photocopying blank forms for use in voter registration drives. However, the SBE advises that organizations should not handout photocopied applications and recommends that organizations use only original forms provided by the SBE or local election officials.

Voter Registration Drive Collection and Completion Requirements:

Any third party accepting a state voter registration application must complete and give the applicant a receipt that is located on the application. The receipt must contain the following information:

·The name of the office, group, or person receiving the registration application

·The date that the office, group, or person received the registration application from the applicant

·The phone number of the general registrar or the toll-free phone number of the State Board of Elections that the applicant may call to confirm his registration.

All registration applications collected as part of a voter registration drive (whether the federal form or the state form is used) must be delivered or postmarked no later than 10 business days after the application is signed, but it must be submitted by the registration deadline even if the application was signed less than 10 business days before.

Turn In Deadline:

Within 10 days of receiving a completed form or 22 days before Election Day, which is October 15thin 2013 and October 13thin 2014.

2013 and 2014 Voter Registration Deadline:

October 15th in 2013 and October 13th in 2014.

Additional Notes:

Virginia residents can register to vote online at