Warehouse Organizing

WHEREAS, the warehouse industry is a key component of the global supply chain which we are committed to organizing, in particular building on our strength and protecting our members in the food distribution sector; and

WHEREAS, through a national effort the Teamsters Union was able to contribute to the blocking of the proposed merger of US Foods and Sysco, protecting our members at both companies; and

WHEREAS, the union continues to aggressively organize and expose the bad behavior at both companies, winning victories at Sysco facilities in Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Florida as well as Grand Rapids, Michigan; and

WHEREAS, the Port Drivers campaign has expanded to warehousing at the Port  of Los Angeles, specifically at the Cal-Cartage facility on Los Angeles city property where a lawsuit is pending regarding minimum wage violations  and where worker exploitation is extreme; and

WHEREAS, XPO Logistics, which affects three Teamster divisions – Port,  Freight and Warehouse – is a threat to Teamster members, especially in St. Louis, where supermarket company Schnuck’s warehouse is outsourcing work to XPO.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED at this 29th International Convention that the Teamsters are committed to continuing to organize at Sysco and US Foods, building our critique of these companies and winning new members; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the IBT is committed to carrying the fight at the Port of Los Angeles to the Cal-Cartage warehouse as an integral part of port operations and thus the Port Drivers campaign; and

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that this union is committed to taking an inter- divisional approach to organizing XPO and protecting our existing members at the ports, in freight and in warehouses across the country, including implementing a global strategy with our overseas allies.