What To Expect When You Go For Your DOT Drug Test

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A urine test collection site can be a doctor’s office, clinic, or other suitable location.  Whatever the site, it must be secure, so that no one but you and the collection site person can be in the same room when you produce the urine specimen, or when the specimen is being sealed up and prepared for shipping.

When you arrive at the collection site, you will be asked to present a photo I.D.  You have a right to ask for the collection person’s I.D.

You will be given a written explanation of the entire drug testing procedure.  Read this explanation carefully and make sure that each step is followed.

If you are asked to sign a consent form, it should not waive your right to sue anyone involved in the drug testing.

From the time you start this urine collection procedure until your samples are sealed in the shipping containers, no one else should be in the collection area except you and the collection site workers.

You will be provided with two clean, single-use specimen bottles with caps or lids, securely wrapped or sealed in a protective cover.  DOT recommends that the bottles and collection container be wrapped separately.

Before you go in to produce your urine sample, you must leave behind any coat, jacket, purse, briefcase, etc.  You have a right to get a receipt for these from the collection person.  You can keep your wallet.

You have a right to produce your specimen in private, without being observed.  The only exception is when the collection person has a particular reason to believe you may alter or substitute your urine sample, such as if they see clear signs of tampering, the temperature of the urine is off, your last urine test was abnormally dilute, or if you are being tested upon returning to work after a positive drug test.  If you are observed, the person must be of the same sex as you.

A DOT drug test requires at least 45 milliliters of urine.  If you cannot produce that much in one try, you may be given up to 40 ounces of fluid to drink and must remain at the collection site for up to three hours.

Once you produce a urine sample, IT MUST STAY IN YOUR SIGHT AT ALL TIMES until sealed in the bottles and placed in the shipping container.  If an unsealed urine sample ever leaves your sight, this is a very serious breach.  In such a case, the whole procedure should be done over again.

If the collection person leaves the area between the time you produce the specimen and when it is sealed in its bottle and labeled, then the test is nullified.

The collection person will check the temperature of the urine within four minutes.  They have to do this without putting anything in the urine that might contaminate it.

If a cup or other disposable container was used, the collection person will pour 30 milliliters of urine into a specimen bottle.  The remaining 15 milliliters of urine will go into a second bottle for a split sample.  The bottles will be sealed with a tamper-proof seal.

The collection site worker will fill out a Custody and Control Form in seven copies.  You will be asked for your date of birth and phone number.

You will be asked to sign the Custody and Control Form, and to initial the label on the specimen bottle.

The collection site person will give you Copy 5 of the Custody and Control Form.  On the back of your copy (and nowhere else on these forms), you can make a note to yourself of any prescription or non-prescription medicines you have used lately.  This is purely for your convenience.