XPO Is Not What It’s Cracked Up to Be

The Traffic Club of New York’s decision to invite XPO Logistics’ CEO Bradley Jacobs as keynote speaker during its 114th anniversary dinner sheds light on a company that is facing legal, regulatory and reputational problems that are growing by the day.

Under Jacobs’ leadership, countless XPO workers have been exploited, threatened, intimidated and illegally fired, among other abuses.

While diners will pay $275 a ticket and sponsors $1,000, XPO port drivers continue to be illegally classified as independent contractors and forced to live on poverty wages, while freight and warehouse workers face threats, intimidation, surveillance and other illegal tactics in an effort to deny them their federally protected right to organize.

Since 2014, workers have filed hundreds of unfair labor practice (ULP) charges with the National Labor Relations Board against XPO. NLRB regional directors have issued more than three dozen complaints. To date, XPO has paid nearly $1,000,000 in ULP-related back pay to workers.

XPO has spent millions for high-priced union busters, and held captive audience meetings for workers, conducted ride-alongs with drivers, mailed anti-union materials to workers’ homes, and terminated union supporters, all in an effort to deny their employees a voice on the job to fight for affordable health insurance and put an end to the abusive company tactics.

A worker at an XPO warehouse in Memphis died on the job due to horrendous conditions, and her body was left on the floor while her coworkers were forced to work around the body. XPO’s answer was to close the facility

Courts have ordered the company to pay millions of dollars in fines, yet the company continues to violate numerous laws. According to the National Employment Law Project, in 2019 XPO has amassed nearly $33 million in penalties for safety and health violations, wage theft, employment discrimination, labor relations violations and other regulatory violations.

Labor unions throughout Europe are fighting against similar abuses including unpaid Overtime and Pension payments, and the Teamsters continue to stand up for port, freight and warehouse workers at XPO to fight for justice.

While XPO continues to abuse its workers under Jacobs’ watch, he continues to rake in millions of dollars and is one of the highest compensated CEOs. But the company’s liabilities continue to mount by the day.

Jacobs is worth $2.7 billion (2018 Forbes), and he exploits his workers at every turn.

For years, Jacobs has set his sights and shareholder expectations on buying other companies to grow XPO. However, they instead bought back nearly 3 billion in shares and last month, Jacobs said he is now looking at selling parts of the company or the whole company, leaving workers wondering when the ax will fall. In the past, Jacobs has asserted that the sum of his company is worth more than the parts, but now in reversal is trying to sell some of those parts. Employees are being left in the dark about their futures.

He is a horrendous choice for keynote speaker.

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