XPO News Articles

Teamsters Mounting Campaign to Organize Drivers at XPO Logistics

Workers Of The World Unite Against Global Greed

XPO Sets Stage for Huge Money Grab for CEO Bradley Jacobs, While Workers Suffer

Unions Join Together to Expose XPO for its Anti-Worker Practices

Angry union members protest outside shipping conference in Long Beach

Teamsters Take Fight with XPO to New Jersey

Teamsters, XPO CEO clash at TPM conference

New Jersey-based XPO drivers file for Teamster representation

XPO’s Jacobs: Teamsters ‘out of control’

XPO Drivers in Trenton to Seek Teamster Representation

XPO Reaches NLRB Agreement Over Trucking Workplace Retaliation Claims

Teamsters Union Rallies Outside XPO Headquarters

XPO Logistics Employees at Two Locations Vote to Join Teamsters

Philadelphia XPO Drivers Vote for Teamster Representation 37-13, Joining Workers at Sites Across Nation

74 XPO Drivers Vote to Join the Teamsters

Teamsters Organize Two XPO Logistics Shops: “Workers Standing Up to this Corporate Bully”

Teamsters 688 Suggests Schnucks Might Want to Rehire 230 Fired Veteran Warehouse Workers

XPO Chief Shrugs Off Teamsters Protest and Promotes Driverless Trucks

European Workers Hold Rally Outside XPO Logistics Shareholder Meeting

XPO Logistics Workers Vote to Join Teamsters Union

Protest by XPO Workers, Union Overshadows Bradley Jacobs’ Keynote Address at JOC Conference

Teamsters protest XPO Logistics

BREAKING NEWS: Unions Mount International Effort Against XPO Logistics

Teamsters Union Rallies Outside XPO Headquarters