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Message from Teamsters National Freight Division Director Ernie Soehl

As we all know, we find ourselves in strange and unprecedented times. We don’t have a manual or training guide to take us through every situation that is going to come up. The situation is changing by the hour AND the plan we might come up with one minute is outdated the next. We just have to use good judgment and common sense. Each industry, and each workplace within each industry is different. BUT… the top priority through it all is keeping our members and the public as safe as possible.

XPO’s App Is Stealing Drivers' Work

XPO Logistics’ “Drive XPO” mobile app has been updated, released, re-released, downloaded and is set to steal our work.  Check it out, both linehaul and local, it is set up to use drivers other than us.

Jacobson Workers Unclear On What Future Holds at XPO

After a series of business deals in recent years, the Iowa-based Jacobson Companies is now owned by XPO Logistics Europe (formerly Norbert Dentressangle), and former Jacobson workers are very vulnerable if XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs sells XPO Europe, a possibility that is being reported. This is why it is a critical time for former Jacobson workers to move forward in forming their union to protect their interests if a sale takes place.


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