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Trucking Company Employees in Alabama Join Local 402

On May 12, employees of Evergreen Trucking in Courtland, Alabama voted to join Local 402 in Muscle Shoals. 

The drivers, dispatchers and mechanics work at a “spotting service,” responsible for moving tractor-trailer rigs in and out of an International Paper plant located across the street from their yard. There are 20 workers in the bargaining unit.
The United Steelworkers represent the workers in the paper plant and that union failed in its attempt to organize the unit at Evergreen Trucking. So, the Evergreen workers turned to the strongest union in the business—the Teamsters.
“We filed for election in early April and we had regular meetings to keep them informed,” said Joe Gronek, Local 402 Secretary-Treasurer. “The Teamsters name recognition was critical in our success—the workers know the power of the Teamsters.”
The workers want more job security, fair wages and overtime. Right now, they are on a 60-hour schedule and do not receive overtime after working 40 hours.
“The company waged a vicious anti-worker, anti-union campaign, and laid off a leading supporter of the union who had the most seniority,” Gronek said. “Charges have been filed with the board to bring this worker justice.”