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Keeping Customers Warm

The Local 25 Oil Division is almost 300 members strong with more than 20 separate collective bargaining agreements. Boston-based Local 25 members serve as dispatchers, oil delivery personnel, service technicians and mechanics.

Since the New England weather can be extremely cold, and a majority of homes rely on home heating oil for their heat, these workers are very busy in the winter.

Local 25 recently visited the Global Oil Terminal in Chelsea, Mass., with Secretary-Treasurer Mark A. Harrington. It was a bitterly cold morning that reached a high for the day of 7 degrees. The Global facility is the first stop for many of the oil delivery trucks from Glen-Mor and Heating Oil Partners. 

The Local 25 Oil Division is part of the International Brotherhood of Teamster Tankhaul Division.

The Local 25 Oil Division has the following companies under contract: