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Facility Maintenance Will Enjoy Strong Teamster Representation

With so much excitement about the powerful drive to change our representation and become Teamsters, let there be no doubt about the Teamsters’ commitment to representing ALL mechanics and related at AA. This campaign is about building a unified movement among AMTs AND Facility Maintenance Employees! We’re all in this fight together and no one will be left behind!

Read the leaflet about the Teamsters’ record in representing airline facility maintenance workers. The leaflet gives voice to rank-and-file facility maintenance employees at UAL, letting them speak for themselves about the improvements they’ve seen as Teamsters.

As Denver UAL facilities employee Ken Meidinger tells us, “The Teamsters have opened up stations for ground equipment and facilities at United with their first contract. We now have the right to review contracts with vendors when it comes to outsourced facility work so we can bring the work in house.”

Robbie Sarofeen, a UAL GSE employee in Boston, adds: “Before the Teamsters came in, we lost GSE work in Boston. I had to move to IAD for two years so I could keep working. But with their strong representation and negotiating power, the Teamsters were able to get United to reopen the GSE facility at BOS. Today I am back home thanks to the Teamsters.”

Along with AMTs and unlicensed mechanics, the Teamsters will represent all AA facility maintenance employees – and their record proves it!

Check out the leaflet from UAL Teamster facilities maintenance members and share it with your coworkers. Let’s get more Teamster cards signed so we can ALL have industry-leading Teamster representation. Get your coworkers to sign a Teamster card today.

With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.