Reninder to All Airline Division Members Who Hold FAA Certificates – March 27, 2013


From the FAA Website

Paper Certificates Expire March 31, 2013

All paper certificate holders cannot exercise the privileges of their PAPER certificates after March 31, 2013. This includes all certificates that are issued under 14 CFR Part 63 and 65.

14 CFR 63.15(d) and 65.15(d) reads:

“Duration of certificates. Except for temporary certificates issued under §63.15 and 65.15, the holder of a paper certificate issued under this part may not exercise the privileges of that certificate after March 31, 2013.”

To Change your certificate number from your SSN and request a replacement click here.

To Replace your Airmen Certificate click here.

NOTE: If your flight engineer or flight navigator certificate was issued on the basis of a foreign license under 14 CFR Part 63.23, you must first apply for a verification of authenticity of your foreign license. You may visit our website for more information and to obtain the verification form. Your foreign license must first be verified with the CAA prior to making application with the IFO or FSDO to replace your paper certificate.

If your airman certificate was issued after July 2003 and is a plastic certificate, it already meets the paper to plastic rule as specified in 14 CFR Parts 63 and 65 and you may disregard this notification.