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Teamsters Applaud NLRB Decision Against Pratt Corrugated Logistics

(Allentown, Pa.) – Teamsters in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley are claiming victory over the Pratt Corrugated Logistics (Pratt) company’s acts against 13 truck drivers. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided that Pratt was at fault and must pay back-pay to the fired drivers and reinstate them at the company.

“We applaud the NLRB’s decision – it shows the dignity and respect that all workers should have when they want to join a union,” said Dennis Hower, President of Teamsters Local 773 in Allentown, Penn.

During the beginning of a union organizing campaign at Pratt, the company decided to fire 13 of its truck drivers, citing poor performance. The NLRB felt otherwise, though, and found the company was actually trying to squash a union organizing campaign.

“I know that the drivers are glad of the outcome and that we can now look forward to counting the ballots,” Hower said.

Teamsters Local 73 represents 4,500 workers across the Lehigh Valley in a variety of professions, including truck drivers.