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National AA Mechanics Meetings Highlight Strengths of Teamsters

Over the past two weeks, Teamster Airline Division representatives along with members from locals and the IBT Organizing Department have been holding a series of informational meetings for American Airlines and US Airways mechanics and related work groups in TUL, DFW, LAX, JFK, MIA, ORD, and STL. The meetings cover a wide range of topics and highlight the strengths of the Teamsters.

Click here to see pictures from the meetings in Tulsa.

In a free flowing exchange of information, questions have been answered on topics including the election process, the structure of the Teamsters and the Airline Division, how the transition from current representation to the Teamsters will take place, and the function and structure of local unions. Of particular interest has been the TAMC and the way it works within the Airline Division. The meetings emphasize the TAMC’s strong, consistent and professional voice on Capitol Hill and beyond – where it voices the concerns and protects the careers of over 18,000 airline maintenance professionals.

“It has been great working with and meeting so many dedicated and professional mechanics at both American and US Airways,” said International Representative Chris Moore. “They have made two things abundantly clear: they are immensely proud of the work they do keeping aircraft in top shape and they are tired of substandard union representation and broken promises. They want a union that not only is going to stand with them and fight to preserve and enhance their careers, they want a union that is willing to stand up and fight with a unified voice to ensure the safety of the traveling public and their fellow employees who fly the planes daily.”

“One thing is clear to every person we've spoken to at American and US Airways,” said International Representative Bob Fisher. “They fully understand that the substandard contracts they have been working under are detrimental to the entire craft and they don't like it. What they like even less is that their current union representation is so poor and ineffective, which has led to them to being where they are today. They want better representation and we think they deserve nothing less. They see the value and strength of unity that comes with Teamster membership and the TAMC and they want to be part of it. We're looking forward to representing them and making it happen,” he said.   

More meetings will be held next week in Boston.

Check out the photos and click here for the full schedule of Teamsters National Meetings.

With the TEAMSTERS We Will WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters website or call the hotline at 877-589-4951.