Moving a 777 – Teamsters assist with the removal of Asiana 214

The crew who carried out this amazing move and sobering task. They did so with the assistance of Maintenance Techs from the SFO UAL facility, members of  Airline Division, Teamsters Local 856 and Local 986.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!

 Moving an aircraft is a specialized task. Moving a crippled or destroyed jet is even trickier.

The task of lifting the entire Asiana 777 and moving it in one piece required specialized equipment and a team with years of experience.

Special cradles were constructed and placed to lift the fuselage without further compromising it’s structural integrity.

It was then gently lowered onto rolling gear that would keep it stable for the move from the crash site to the ramp at the SFO UAL maintenance facility.

In order to move the 185,000 pound section of the fuselage and make the necessary turns to get it to the ramp, 15’ of the over 177’ wingspan had to be cut away. The aft section of the fuselage and tail were also too damaged to be lifted with the rest of the fuselage. For the 2:15 minutes it took to actually move the airplane, the runways were closed.

Arrival at the UAL SFO Maintenance Ramp