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DCA Fee Increase Comment Period Extended For Taxi Drivers


Once again, due to our unity and strength as members of the Teamsters-affiliated Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association, our voices have been heard. Last night, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority extended the comment deadline regarding fee increases from today until January 24—an extra two weeks for drivers to comment!

The Authority held a public hearing last night to address the fee increases. More than a dozen taxi drivers testified, including Jesse Black and Irfan Jamali, who are members of our association’s Steering Team. Black, Jamali, Teamsters Union Organizer Joel Wood and other drivers spoke out against the proposal to increase the annual fee for a Taxi Operator’s Permit at DCA from $40 a year to $100 a year. The Authority is also proposing to increase the dispatch fee from $2.50 to $3 for each time a driver picks up one or more passengers.

In addition to extending the public comment period, the Authority will schedule another public hearing during the daytime to allow more drivers to comment in person.

Also, after the Association complained that the hot water was not working in the drivers’ restroom at DCA, the Authority fixed the hot water, yet another example of how our voices are being heard at DCA and elsewhere. Jesse Black tested the water last night to confirm that it is now working.

Because 740 D.C. taxi drivers service DCA, it is important that D.C. drivers either attend the coming public hearing or email a comment to AuthorityRegulations@mwaa.com by January 24. Once we have the public hearing date, we will let you know.

The complete text of the proposed amendments are available at the Airport Authority’s website, http://www.mwaa.com The Office of General Counsel can be reached at (703) 417-8615.

As Association members we should all take the time to give our input on this matter even if you do not pick up at the airport. We are all in this together.