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Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 11-17



Hoffa Calls On Congress To Protect Highway Safety; Teamsters Discuss Strategies As Part Of Fund Meeting; EPA Proposal Would Cost Rail Jobs; Teamsters Demand Crackdown On Cheap Korean Steel Imports; Sysco, US Foods Merger Could Harm Competition; Chicago Area Dispatchers, Service Reps Join 727; Teamsters Continue Picket Line At Clifton Steel; This Week In Teamster History; Meet Mark McPherson From Joint Council 37 In Oregon; Ending Worker Exploitation Is Key To Healthy Economy


Don’t Weaken Safety Standards On Fatigued Drivers, Hoffa Tells House; Hall Says Teamsters Need To Learn From One Another; New Regulations On Coal Would Reduce Railroad Jobs; Teamsters Join With Steel Allies To Fight Korean Imports; FTC, State AGs Warned Of Harm That Could Come From Sysco-US Foods Merger; Dispatch, Customer Service Representatives Join Fellow Workers In Aligning With Local 727; Teamsters Continue To Fight Lockout At Cleveland’s Clifton Steel; The Legalization Of Unions In Canada; Learning About Teamster Concerns In The Pacific Northwest; and Why Temp Work Is Holding Back America’s Fiscal Growth.