Rob Nosse For Oregon House District 22, Local 223


Oregon State Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland) has fought for working people his entire career.

“Fighting for working families is what I’ve dedicated my career too,” said Nosse, a labor representative with the Oregon Nurses Association and 10-year Teamster with Local 223. 

Rep. Nosse has fought to defend workers’ rights with SEIU and ONA after serving as Executive Director of both the Ohio and Oregon Student Associations, where he worked to make college more accessible for middle class students.

Earlier this year, Nosse won his Democratic primary in Portland’s House District 42, and he was appointed to the seat early when the current Representative became a County Commissioner.

“The average worker hasn’t seen their share of the benefits of this economic recovery,” Nosse said. “It’s time our political leadership took a stand for all working families.”