Jim Nichols For Georgia House District 111, Local 728


Jim Nichols is a former high school dropout who returned years later to get a degree from Georgia State University. He’s had his share of challenges, but they’ve opened new opportunities for him. Now he’s a UPS truck loader, an active member of Teamsters Local 728 in Atlanta and a candidate for Georgia state representative.

Nichols has been active politically since he worked as a legislative aide while attending college. Now he’s tired of the pay-to-play politicians in the Statehouse. He’s running for office because he believes government should work for all its citizens, not just political insiders or big-money campaign donors.

“I’ve definitely seen my share of challenges,” Nichols said. “I’ve also been very blessed with second chances and new opportunities. Sometimes, the biggest challenges can unexpectedly cut a path toward a brighter future, as long as you have a solid foundation, a strong vision, and the motivation to keep working hard.”

He gets up early every morning to earn his paycheck. He brings the same kind of dedication to his campaign to represent four towns in metropolitan Atlanta: Stockbridge, Hampton, Locust Grove and McDonough.

“I’m just a guy that loads trucks for a living but I’m running for office because I want to empower the citizens of District 111 and put the priorities of the middle class back on the agenda under the Gold Dome,” Nichols said.

Jim is a tech-savvy candidate with deep connections to the netroots – the young, progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He raises money on the Web and through Twitter – he even once raised a donation on Twitter while attending a Teamster workshop! He has been endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Georgia AFL-CIO, Democracy for America and Progressive Citizens of Stockbridge.

He promises to fight for better jobs, education and transportation for all the citizens of Georgia. Nichols and his wife Deana live in Stockbridge, Ga.