Terry Lesinski For Missouri House District 104, Local 600


Terry Lesinski, a recently retired Teamster, is running for a House seat as a Democrat in District 104, a suburban area in St. Charles County, Missouri. Lesinski was a freight Teamster working as a driver for YRC before he retired.

“The Republican that’s in office now is not our friend,” said Lesinski, a member of Local 600 in Maryland Heights, MO. “Being a Teamster has taught me what it means to belong to a powerful, united group of people who are committed to improving lives. That’s what I hope to do as a state legislator.”

Lesinski said that being a Teamster for more than three decades has helped shape his view on what politicians can and can’t do.

“I’ve found that labor shapes what happens throughout the country as far as wages, benefits and job protections,” he said. “Labor needs to continue organizing and representing workers.”