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Teamsters: Long Beach Approves Construction Agreement


The City of Long Beach, California, has approved a new project labor agreement (PLA) for construction projects.  This agreement puts into a motion an agreement to hire unionized labor for use on construction projects costing more than $500,000 each.

Hundreds of construction workers in Southern California are represented by Teamsters Local 952, 166 and others. “This is a strong agreement which will help our members who are local residents get good jobs,” said Marion (Bubba) Davis, Director of the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division.

According to the Press-Telegram newspaper, the project is historic in that it is more expansive than any other city in California.  The project requires that the unions selected for project contracts must try and hire 40 percent local residents.

“We’ve been active, politically, with other building trades unions here and this agreement is a direct result,” said Patrick Kelly, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 952. “We supported Lena Gonzalez, one of the city council members, in her run for office last fall and she led the charge on this city-wide PLA. Its an historic agreement since In the past we have had PLAs for specific projects, but this covers the entire city of Long Beach.”