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Danafilms Workers Join Teamsters Local 170


Production workers at Danafilms, a plastic film manufacturer in Westborough, Mass., voted to join Teamsters Local 170 in an election held in April. Ballots impounded after the vote were counted yesterday, resulting in a 23-13 count in favor of representation. There are 44 workers in the bargaining unit.

“This is an important victory for Danafilms workers, especially after such a tough campaign and numerous unfair labor practices committed by the company,” said Mike Hogan, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 170 in Worcester, Mass.

The workers, who manufacture blown film for food and medical packaging, approached the Teamsters in February for help. They are seeking an end to long hours, abusive scheduling practices and widespread disrespect from management.

An election was held in April but ballots were impounded due to serious ULP charges the union filed against the company. Danafilms engaged in severe labor law violations, including relentless intimidation and interrogation of pro-union workers. The company called police to stop the union from leafleting outside the facility and insisted that Danafilms supervisors could vote in the union election.  

While the National Labor Relations Board continues to investigate charges related to the company’s anti-union campaign, the Board proceeded with a ballot count on June 29.

“I am glad to see that these workers were able to stick together throughout this campaign despite the company’s anti-union tactics and get the victory that they fought so hard for,” said Local 170 organizer Paul Stuart.

“We’re all tired of being pushed around, strong-armed and bullied by the company’s smear campaign – but now we have a leg to stand on to make things better because we’re Teamsters,” added John Brannan, who has worked at Danafilms for almost five years. “I knew that my job could be on the line in this fight, but considering how bad things have been, it was worth it. Paul at the local really went to bat for us in this effort.”

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Local 170 represents employees from many different industries such as: transportation; grocery; sand and gravel; beer and liquor; construction; warehouse; clerical employees; bread and bakery; teacher aides; police officers; firefighters; bus drivers and more.