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BMWED Strike At CP Rail Resolved


BMWED members working on Canadian Pacific Rail in the Albany, NY, area went on strike earlier this week. But, by the same afternoon, the strike was resolved. Canadian Pacific has assured BMWED members that those employees shorted on rates-of-pay, holidays and vacations — or otherwise shortchanged in any way through errors in its payroll department — will be fully compensated and made whole.

Representatives for the BMWED and CP will meet in Chicago on Monday, March 14 to hash out the problems with the railroad’s payroll processes and to establish procedures to ensure that this does not happen again. Part of that plan will include a dedicated CP representative, whose task will be prompt response to payroll issues for union-represented employees.

“I am proud of our Brothers and Sisters on the D&H. We all stepped out with conviction and courage today. We stuck together and we stood up for what’s right,” BMWED Northeastern System Federation General Chairman Dale Bogart said. “And I am also very proud of the support we got from every BMWED member across our Brotherhood. We could feel the support from thousands of miles away. Good things happen to good, honest, hardworking people when they embrace unity and solidarity.”