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Listen to Teamster Nation News for March 2-8



Teamster Widow Tells Senators About Central States; Worker Rights Concerns Lead to Protest of Air Liquide; NLRB Tells FedEx Freight to Bargain with Local 439; Teamsters Warn of Labor Dispute with NetJets; Boxer Stands Up for Meal, Rest Breaks; Contract News; This Week in Teamster Music; Tech Boom is a Bust for Too Many Workers


Senate Finance Committee Briefed on Dire State of Pension Plan; French Embassy Protest Highlights Need to Stop Attacks on Former Airgas Workers; Fed Ex Freight Told it Can’t Ignore Calif. Drivers; NetJets’ Cost-Cutting Demands Undermine Teamster Workers; Senator Speaks Out Against Anti-Trucker Safety Provision;  IBT Tells OneSky it Plans to Begin Negotiations; BLET Reaches Tentative Deal with Illinois Railway; Woody Guthrie and “Dusty Ol’ Dust; ‘On Demand’ Culture Shouldn’t Strip Workers of Fair Pay