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Teamsters Joint Council 16 Launches New Website


(NEW YORK) – One of New York’s largest and most powerful unions has a new online face. Teamsters Joint Council 16, the umbrella organization for Teamster locals in Downstate New York, have launched a new website, Members of the public can use the new site to learn about each of New York’s Teamster locals, the industries members work in and the latest news on Teamster campaigns. 

Each of the Joint Council’s 27 local unions has a page on the website, detailing the industries it represents alongside leadership and contact information. The Teamsters union represents a wide range of workers, from airline mechanics, to truck drivers, sanitation workers, public housing workers, film industry employees, and far beyond.

The website also includes pages on each Joint Council priority campaign, including reforming New York’s private sanitation industry, protecting industrial jobs, and ending the misclassification of commercial drivers as independent contractors.

All union news, press releases, and policy position statements will be posted to the site. During election season, the union will also publicize its endorsements through the site.

Workers who want to organize a union with the Teamsters can fill out a form on the website.

The website was designed by HOUSEOFCAKES, a New-York-based branding and web design firm.