Children’s Hospital Nurses Affiliate with Teamsters


The registered nurses and medical technicians of Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Calif., who are members of the United Nurses of Children’s Hospital (UNOCH), have overwhelming approved affiliating with the Teamsters.

More than 70 percent of members that voted approved of the formal affiliation.

“I am proud to welcome these professionals into our union,” said Randy Cammack, President of Joint Council 42. “These nurses and medical technicians provide valuable lifesaving services to countless children in need of care. The Teamsters will add value to the excellent work UNOCH representatives have done for so many years.”

“This was a clear choice that our members made to reaffirm their commitment to the mission of Children’s Hospital, while voicing their need for a better future for themselves and their families,” said Katie Langenstrass, RN, and UNOCH’s Executive Director.

UNOCH had been an independent union for many years, but the leadership believed that a formal alliance with Teamsters would provide for a more promising future in order to sustain good wages, benefits and working conditions. The 1,700-worker unit will receive a charter as Local 1699.

Teamster Backing

“When we first heard about the possibility of becoming Teamsters, the word spread like wildfire throughout the hospital,” said Sam Villa, a medical technician at the hospital for the past 10 years. Villa is part of a team of respiratory therapists who work with young adults and the neo-natal unit.

“I grew up in a union family and I remember how in 2003, when both my father and I were working at Vons grocery store as members of UFCW, we were out on strike and Teamster delivery drivers honored our picket lines by not delivering to the stores,” Villa said.

“By voting for the Teamsters, we know that we have the backing of all members—brothers and sisters ready to go with us into battle as we begin negotiating our contracts,” Villa said. “I am proud to work in this field and look forward to strong representation on the job as a Teamster.”

“The vote by Rady nurses and medical technicians is reflective of our union’s growing experience in the medical and health care fields, where we represent over 38,000 employees in 32 states,” said Michael Filler, Director of the Teamsters Public Services Division.