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Teamster Pilots At Allegiant Airlines Reach Historic Tentative Agreement


More than three years after bargaining, Allegiant Airlines pilots represented by Teamsters Local 1224 have reached a tentative agreement on their first union contract with the airline on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Teamsters and company negotiators have agreed to meet the week of June 27 to finalize the contract language. There are more than 700 pilots in the bargaining unit.

The tentative agreement includes significant compensation, retirement and medical benefit increases, improved scheduling rules and procedures, strong job protections, and other important work rule enhancements. The specific details of the tentative agreement will first be disclosed to and discussed with the workers. Allegiant Airlines pilots will vote whether to approve the agreement in a secret ballot referendum that will likely be conducted in July. 

“I’m incredibly proud of this victory,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “After years of hard work, we’ve reached a tentative agreement on a first contract for these pilots. I want to thank all of the pilots for demonstrating the true meaning of Teamster unity and strength. I want to thank the company for helping us get to this point. Everyone at Allegiant Airlines just took a big step forward.”

“The Allegiant Airlines pilots have demonstrated tremendous determination and resilience over the last several turbulent years,” said Teamsters Local 1224 President Daniel C. Wells. “Their professionalism, courage and unity in the face of adversity has been truly remarkable to watch, and they have earned the respect of their fellow pilots throughout the industry.

“Their resolve and the tentative agreement that they have now secured show that when airline pilots stand together, we can win real changes that help improve the passenger experience and the company’s bottom line, as well as our ability to support our families.”

“Since we voted to join Teamsters Local 1224 in 2012, we have been committed to working with the company to reach a contract that fairly rewards the pilots for their vital contribution to the company’s operations and success,” said Capt. Scott Whitman, Chairman of the Allegiant Airlines Pilots’ Negotiating Committee. “Our tentative agreement with the company meets that objective, and I believe the pilots will be proud to work under it.”

“For years, we have been asking Allegiant Airlines to invest in its pilots, and this agreement shows that Allegiant has listened,” said Capt. Cameron Graff, Allegiant Airlines Pilots’ Executive Council Chairman. “This contract brings us in line with industry standards that we, our families and customers deserve. With the new contract in place, we will have a voice at the table to make sure Allegiant Airlines is the best possible airline for people to work and fly.”

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