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TNBC’s 41st Annual T-Shirt Day


On the third day of the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC) Conference, everyone wore his or her 2016 TNBC T-shirt.

TNBC Executive Director Antonio Christian welcomed Christy Bailey, Legislative Director of the Teamsters, who talked about why this year’s election is so critical, as well as the union’s current legislative efforts.

“The election is exactly 88 days away,” she said. “We know who has delivered for us that we elected the last time, and we know who we need to make sure is not reelected.”

Raven Hall, an attorney with the Teamsters Legal Department, spoke about the diversity, equality and inclusion within the organization.

Bishop Henry Williams from California, a former truck driver, spoke about restitution and reparations.

“You’re looking at a man that grew up in Alabama, a cotton picker,” Williams said. “One day, I was able to get a ride to California, and I ended up at a union hall.”

Darrick Jordan, Vice Chair of the TNBC, encouraged everyone to take everything they’ve learned this week and share with those in their local unions and communities.