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Beverage Association Files Suit Against Philadelphia Soda Tax


(PHILADELPHIA) – The American Beverage Association (ABA) has filed a suit against the city of Philadelphia’s plan to implement a soda tax.  Teamsters local 830, as representative of hundreds of working men and women employed in the soft drink industry, is part of a coalition with the ABA fighting to stop the soda tax. The suit seeks to block the tax from going forward until a court can hear arguments about the proposed tax.

The tax, called “wildly divisive” and “unlawful” by a variety of associations, has been fought against every step of the way by the Teamsters. Philadelphia’s city hall was the site of a large rally in June where store owners, beverage workers and hundreds of members of unions protested against the city council for considering such a tax.

“The Soda Tax helps no one, and hurts many,” said Danny Grace, of Teamsters Local 830. “The jobs that will be lost as a result of the tax on soda beverages will put hardworking men and women out of work. These are the same working families which keep Philadelphia commerce running. This tax must be stopped!”

At the June rally, Teamsters were joined by members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division, community allies, and store owners while Coca Cola, Pepsi, Canada Dry trucks and Teamster 18-wheelers circled city hall and people held signs saying, “No More Taxes”.

“This soda tax is a regressive tax that will hurt our industry,” said Bill Hamilton, Teamsters International Vice President. “The issue has never been about health and we will all end up paying for this tax with the job losses that will occur if the mayor’s soda tax is passed.”

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