Teamster Pilots At Allegiant Air Ratify Historic Agreement


More than three years after beginning bargaining, Allegiant Air pilots represented by Local 1224 ratified their first contract with the airline on July 28, 2016. More than 86 percent of Allegiant’s voting pilots chose to ratify the contract and more than 95 percent of the bargaining unit cast ballots in the contract ratification vote. There are more than 690 pilots in the bargaining unit.

This contract is the culmination of five years of effort to secure the Allegiant pilots as Teamsters. Prior to Teamster representation, the pilots were represented by a self-formed employee association. The work rules were modified unilaterally in 2010 and the pilots felt that they needed stronger representation.

Allegiant pilots approached the Teamsters to assist them in forming a union, recognizing the strength of Teamster contracts in the airline industry. In August 2012, the pilots voted to join the Teamsters.

A tentative agreement was reached on June 21, 2016. The agreement includes substantial improvements in compensation, benefits and scheduling. Members will immediately receive up to 31-percent pay increases, high quality health insurance and greater job security.

This agreement also gives pilots, for the first time, the full job protections of a contract.

Other contract highlights include immediate raises for all pilots, a 150-percent increase in the company’s 401(k) matching contribution, up to four weeks of paid vacation, an improved scheduling system and the ability for pilots to fund their union and defend their contract through a dispute resolution process.

“I’m incredibly proud of this victory,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “After years of hard work, we have a first contract. I want to thank all of the pilots for demonstrating the true meaning of Teamster unity and strength.”

“The Allegiant Air pilots have demonstrated tremendous determination and resilience over the last several turbulent years,” said Local 1224 President Daniel C. Wells. “Their professionalism, courage and unity in the face of adversity have been truly remarkable to watch, and they have earned the respect of their fellow pilots throughout the industry.”

Tom Pozdro, an Allegiant pilot based out of Las Vegas, Nev., addressed the Teamsters 29th International Convention, where he talked about the triumph the pilots felt after securing a first contract.

“The Teamsters have driven a deeper commitment to a culture of safety and responsibility at Allegiant, something the pilots take very seriously,” Pozdro said. “We first voted to have the union represent us in 2012 and we now have our first contract, a binding agreement that includes greater job security, increased wages and better benefits. None of this would’ve happened without the steadfast guidance we received from the Teamsters and Local 1224.”

“For years, we have been asking Allegiant Air to invest in its pilots, and this agreement shows that Allegiant has listened,” said Capt. Cameron Graff, Allegiant Air Pilots’ Executive Council Chairman. “This contract brings us in line with industry standards that we, our families and customers deserve. With the new contract in place, we will have a voice at the table to make sure Allegiant Air is the best possible airline for people to work and fly.”